You’ve probably seen the advertisements (ex, I just received a sponsored message about it from Glenn Beck’s

It usually starts out like this…

“Dear Fellow Patriot:

What you’re about to see in this video may be EXTREMELY disturbing…”

…and leads into a video that offers an itemization and description of “37 things” that will be the first to sell out in a food crisis.

What can cause a food crisis?  For one, utter devaluation of currency.  To this notion, consider that our government is pumping more and more money into circulation, which has the effect of lowering the value of the dollar’s buying power (reduced scarcity).  Some experts anticipate the loss of value at 3-4% each month, starting this year (2013).  In effect, each dollar will simply buy less and less (not so much that products are becoming “more expensive”).

Click Here to watch the “Sold Out After Crisis” Video 

In Nazi Germany under Hitler, the German Mark (dollar) languished to such worthlessness that it was more cost-effective to burn marks for heat than buy a pack of matches and firewood at a local vendor.  Then, of course, when it cost millions of marks to purchase a mere loaf of bread, the benevolent Nazi leadership stepped in to provide food rations to a starving people.  Many received far less than what they needed for survival, and perished.  What’s more, everyone was at the mercy of the government (can you imagine everyone in this country relying on aid from FEMA…all at once!?).  Few had foreseen the necessity of survivalist preparations, and they paid with their lives, along with the lives of their children.

Soviet Russia starved nearly 100 Million people under Communist rule.

We are not immune to utter decline, chaos, and destruction of our sovereign comforts.  There is no overarching force which guarantees that “everything will be alright” for Americans, forever.  Like lemmings, people who scoff at the notion of survival preparations are lining up to follow one another off the cliff toward which our government continues to pave a roadway.

Even if you are skeptical, do you want to risk leaving your family helpless?  Why do you buy health insurance?  Life insurance?

Two weeks before the German Mark became worthless, most people at the time did not understand the meaning of inflation or devaluation.  It never entered the national dialogue.  I state this only to underline how quickly an average citizen can go from the cozy daily mechanics of daily work and play to being utterly helpless under the notion that “things will always be OK”.

Yet another possibility, depending on where you live, is a severely increased hazard of walking the streets, even for something as simple (and vital) as buying groceries.  In times of social unrest, natural disaster, or any act that prompts an overnight lack of some creature comfort or necessity, rioters, looters, and low-life’s of all variety emerge from the shadows and reign unchecked.  Consider what happened after Katrina, where police could not be relied on for protection (in fact, some even joined in the lootings and assaults).  What about hungry citizens dumpster-diving for food in the wake of Hurricane Sandy?

Moreover, by certain bureaucratic, legislative actions, it may become prohibitive and/or unprofitable for a food supplier to ship goods to the groceries.  This is not unprecedented.  Can you imagine your local grocer ceasing to exist because his food suppliers have ceased shipping, for political reasons or legal suppressions?  If this happens, you can also expect the looting and rioting to ensue – a doubling of your imperative to have stored away food survival means for you and family.

I don’t say these things to be a scare-monger.  I hope I’m horribly wrong.  I just don’t foresee a scenario where we balance our National Budget, steadily pay down the National Debt, or eliminate the Federal Deficit.  In fact, these things continue to worsen, only solidifying the eventuality of national bankruptcy (think ‘Greece’).

The point I’m making is that our primary duties as parents and husbands are to provide and protect.  Without sufficient preparations, you stand to leave yourself in a helpless disposition to fulfill these charges by “blowing off” the concept of self-sufficiency and survival.

These are the precise reasons I purchased the “Sold Out After Crisis” manual.  This was really the “jumpstart” item to my awareness of necessary preparations.  Its contents have formed the baseline for my survival food arsenal, and I’ve begun to store up inventory of most of these items already.

Additional to the main “Sold Out” manual, you should receive (for no additional charge) a pdf each for survival gardening and water collection and storage.  These two items have some excellent ideas and instructions as well.

I appeal to you to take the time to watch the entire video.  If you’re still not convinced of the necessity of survival food preparations by the time the video finishes, then by all means, continue with life as it were.  At the very least, however, I urge you to watch and listen before writing off the idea altogether.

With just a bit of knowledge of history, especially relating to the rise and fall of civilizations, it is plain to see that America is coming unraveled.  At the heart of our decline is rampant immorality, secularization, and loss of Christian faith.  By what upstanding, ubiquitously-practiced values should God continue to “shed his grace on [thee]”, America?

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