Developer of the SENuke Software, Areeb Bajwa, claims that the new “SENuke X” makes the original version look like a “baby’s toy”.  While SENuke, the original version from a few years back, had earned for itself a household familiarity, the “X” version is far more powerful – enough that entire SEO firms rely solely on the software for their exposure and countless sites use the product to blast their page rankings atop the engines.

The reviews and testimonials we’ve researched corroborate Areeb’s claims.

Our conclusion is that this SEO Automation tool is, in fact, the most powerful of its type.  While similar tools, like Magic Submitter for instance, are capable and far less expensive, “X” cannot be touched in terms of power and bandwidth.  It exists on a different plane of expediency.

So what does SENuke X do, and how does it work?  It takes a “4-Step approach to dominating search engines”.

1.  The Niche Research Module will discover keywords that you can easily rank with

2.  Launch the newbie-friendly, step-by-step wizard

3.  Draw out the exact promotion strategy that you want SENuke X to automate (Drag-drop simplicity.  Templates provided for those who don’t yet have a promotion strategy).

4.  Tell SENuke X how many days for which the promo strategy to execute

CLICK HERE to view Areeb Bajwa’s personal description of his SENuke X Software

Behind the scenes, once you’ve taken these four steps and launched the automated rankings effort, a series of integrated Modules are hard at work making things happen while you sit back and relax.  Here are some of the things happening on your behalf in cyberspace while you sit on your ass, play golf, or dream about the revenues coming your way:

–SENuke X creates accounts on all the sites in its ultra-fast, multi-threaded submitter.  (captured sites to be sent to your email for you to verify)

–The Social Network Module will login and create blogs on sites like and, then create posts on the blogs to promote your website.  All Pages and RSS Feeds will be saved into a URL list so that other modules can build links to them

–The Social Bookmark Module reads from that URL list and bookmarks those pages on dozens of different sites to improve SEO rankings of those blogs themselves

–The RSS Module then submits the RSS feeds to dozens of RSS aggregators

–The Article Directory Module logs into the hundreds of article directories and posts articles about your topic.  SENuke X has complete support for spun articles (one article “spun” into hundreds of articles)

–The Press Release Module submits Press Releases to dozens of sites

–The Forum Profile Module can create accounts and post links on almost any forum on the internet

–The Pinging Module and Indexing Module work together to make sure the SE Spiders find the links that SENuke X has created and get them the “credit” they deserve

This software is relatively easy to rank because it doesn’t have any direct peers.  Of course, not every business needs such a powerful program, and should perhaps take a look at other SEO automaters like Magic Submitter, which is relatively inexpensive and capable of creating, spinning and submitting with button-click ease.

Areeb Bajwa’s lets the prospective user in light, providing a 14-day trial period without consequence.  Cancel any time, no questions asked, within the first two weeks.  Click the link below to hear their in-house pitch of SENuke X.

CLICK HERE to view Areeb Bajwa’s personal description of his SENuke X Software

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