Magic Submitter creator Alexander Krulik debunks the myth that “whoever has the most backlinks, wins”. Drilling down a bit, he asserts that the truth about backlinks is not just quantity alone, but three qualities of backlinks that must draw focus:

1. Number of backlinks (yes, this is important, but not exclusively)

2. Variety of backlinks

3. Consistency of backlinks

These are the backbone of the Magic Submitter software’s logic. With variety and consistency added to volume, MS makes every backlink count.

With this unique focus, Krulik claims his MS software can rank almost anything atop Google, Yahoo, and Bing by using his “unfair advantage” – that is, by aggregating and submitting with exponential scale, and doing so with complete ease of use.

How does Magic Submitter line up on the risk/return frontier? Pretty good, we’ve concluded. The first month is only $4.95, with a recurring cost of $67/month thereafter should you decide the program is worth the cost. This comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

We found only a couple potential issues with the product reported by user feedback in forums, etc. For one, Magic Submitter is reportedly a bit slower than a competing SEO Automation programs like SenukeX. Also, there has been some noted submission failure resulting in less-than-perfect rates of submission. There were a couple complaints about the consistency of the video submission module, and others had some trouble getting situated with the software (though we suspect this had more to do with inexperience in the SEO arena altogether).

Even so, the end product is still button-click efficiency at a price lower than any other peer product we could find, making it worth at least the free trial period. Moreover, there has been tons of positive feedback about Alex’s prompt and helpful tech support team and personal oversight. It appears that he is personally vested in the usefulness of his product in the hands of his end client users. You may also want to compare Magic Submitter to SENuke X, a comparable product with arguably more simultaneous task bandwidth.

For the Magic Submitter website, click HERE.

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