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When it comes to no-nonsense, real-life-effective self defense fighting technique, Tim Larkin, founder of Target Focus Training, is unparalleled. In fact, amidst a cultural mindset “softened” by martial arts point systems and octagons, Larkin’s training is not welcome. People are not willing to consider true-to-life situations where they might possibly find themselves cornered and unprepared, ill-equipped to defend self and family. Devastating. The following video is a featured news review of TFT and gives a good run-down of Tim Larkin and Target Focus Training. It’s worth the few minute to watch, especially if you are discerning TFT as a possible teaching tool for your own self defense training:


Tim Larkin is giving away >> FREE VIDEOS << Click here

Especially if you are relatively new to the niche of realistic, brutal-by-necessity self defense, here are a couple considerations for getting warmed up:

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Personally, I’m a student of non-mainstream mixed martial arts, jeet kune do, and brazilian jiu jitsu. Frankly, I can handle myself, but only because I’ve spent years in training to the point where my gross motor reflexes are highly conditioned with technical movements.

Most people do not have the lifestyle, time, energy, or even personal interest to become expert at a “martial art”.


So, as I take instruction from Larkin through his instructional videos (I own most of them. Haven’t had the good fortune to meet him in person at a live training seminar), I can’t help but think that in a real-life situation of danger I’m not as likely to use the years of formal martial arts training in a pinch. The situation may not be so convenient as to allow me to get in my “fight stance”, survey my surroundings, move in all directions, etc. It could be a cramped bathroom, bar, parking lot surprise, or any manner of unforeseeable circumstance. Self Defense Fighting is not an art, but an instinctive survival response. Target Focus Training is the programmer.

Summarily, by training with Larkin’s straightforward, and frankly, EASY methods, I have NO DOUBT in my ability to disable or debilitate a deranged attacker or beer-muscle brute. It’s that simple.

I want you to read through these testimonials below, taken from Larkin’s website. There are many more, but you can see that these are just ordinary folks whom you’d see at the pool, church, or grocery.

“The single best investment I’ve made toward authentic self-protection.

“I have not even finished viewing the second disc of your new, live training magnum opus, “Surviving the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life” and yet feel compelled to write. This is – far and away – the single best investment I have made toward authentic self-protection (I train under Vladimir Vasiliev, so that is no small compliment). Your lucid, candid handling of social aggression vs. asocial violence alone separates you from all others (and ought to be required viewing for all males, great and small!) so incisive is it. This has brought my understanding out of blurred into crisp focus… …This is a quiet confidence, a platform from which to live an unburdened life. (I am, of course, thrilled speechless there are yet fifteen and a half more discs to go!) I received the set promptly and was (as with the Joint Breaking DVD’s) pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful packaging, careful editing, depth of material as well as scope; the clean presentation, well-chosen articulation and the ease with which you handled the information from multiple angles as well as your mien in doing so. This is not the common bill of fare in the marketplace of ideas toward self-protection; it stands apart – indeed, alone.”

Brad Heyerdahl Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

“Light years beyond anything out there.

“My expectation prior to coming here was to learn a little more than what the videotapes had conferred. I thought I had a [pretty good] handle on the principles but found out I didn’t know squat. The class has truly been a life changing experience for both my son and me. Needless to say, it exceeded my expectations, far beyond anything I imagined. It completely shattered my dependence on trying to remember techniques. I can’t remember one technique we covered on day one BUT I now know how to hit combinations of targets in ways that WILL cause injury. I can’t tell you what a FREEING feeling that is to me. Take this course! Don’t even consider anything else. This is light years beyond anything out there.

David Mullins Bakersfield, CA

“For the value received and lessons learned — Priceless.

“…In one single weekend I was no longer afraid to walk down any street anywhere. You can’t put a price on that kind of peace of mind and self-confidence. In fact, I couldn’t have paid enough money for the value received and lessons learned.

Joe Lowry New Rochelle, NY

“Life changing!

“Unquestionably the most simple and straight forward information you can get to save your life. If you can see through the Hollywood violence of the movies and really wrap your mind around the idea and brutality of ending your killer’s life or at least forever changing the physical characteristics of it, then sign up now. What you learn will change forever how you approach nearly every situation. It IS life changing!

Chris Stoddard LaGrange, WY

“Made me a believer that strength and size don’t matter. “Anyone can learn to do this, and you don’t need to be a world class athlete with superhuman strength, speed or agility to make it work. I worked with women in the class, and please believe me when I say that what they did to me during free fighting made me a believer that you don’t need to be strong or big for this to work. Tim, you have my unqualified recommendation. I know this is your business, but I really believe you are offering an invaluable service that no one else is offering right now.

Marcelo Corpuz Menomonee Falls, WI

“My expectations were high. I wasn’t disappointed.

William D Haueter Magna, UT

“Money well spent!

Thomas Nishiyama Honolulu, HI

“I would like to commend you for the principles shown in the Nuclear Weapons [program]. I unfortunately had the unpleasant occasion to put them into practice last night during a visit to a local takeaway. After 20 minutes of continuous diplomacy, in the presence of aggressive, really in your face abuse, to try and diffuse the situation, even after his first two blows, a young drunk dropped his hand toward his back pocket. Utilizing the principles you espouse, I moved in and “deactivated” him without injury, other than to his ego, in about 2 seconds flat. As a 52 year old, albeit in fairly good condition, and not a “trained” fighter, it was amazing the degree of calm and confidence I had thanks to the principles gleaned from your DVDs. My wife asked me what happened to my food during the scuffle. It was only then that I fully realized that I’d held it carefully in my dominant hand and handled the situation with just my non-dominant arm and hand. It also surprised me how clear my course of action was and it seemed to take place in slowed motion. I even had time to make choices between splattering him on the pavement and taking him down gently to the submission position — which I did. Thanks for your program, which even, after just two viewings so far, gave me a structure to handle a situation that I have rarely encountered. I will continue to study the DVDs and hope that I don’t need to use the knowledge.

Ian Westcott Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia

“I’ve always been interested in martial arts but this totally changed my thinking. It started with emails. I signed up for [Tim Larkin’s] email newsletter and from an email I actually changed a situation that actually happened to me outside in the street! And after that situation I said if I learned that much from an email I have to take the course. Sign up, take it. You’re not going to regret it.

Altorro Black, Washington, DC

“I’ve had a lot of weapons training with [my husband - a police officer]. NOTHING was as effective as this course. The gun in my hand, or the knife in my hand, was in my way at this point. I couldn’t believe what my hands could do! And if there’s a woman out there that’s looking for self-defense whether you’re walking out of a bar, out of a laundry mat, into your car in a parking lot, I would recommend this course. In the 2½ days that I’ve been here I’ve learned more than I could have dreamed of in years.

“I didn’t like the idea of putting my hands on someone else. I couldn’t see myself being able to defend myself — just the whole idea was repulsive. You never think this is going to happen to you but you don’t know…everybody OWES it to themselves to give 2½ days.

“The instructors were fabulous. Tim Larkin is extremely attentive. It didn’t matter what question I had, what insecurity I was feeling at the moment, he would take the time to show me, to make sure I got it right. By the time I was done, I surprised myself. I’m impressed. I’m thrilled!

“I just can’t believe what happened. I just can’t. I can’t get over it.I can probably out-shoot any one of those guys out there and I’ve learned [in the past] all sorts of disarming techniques. None of them were as effective as this one. It was to the point; it was direct. I’m telling you — I really am in shock! The fanciest moves — nothing really meant anything like this weekend! I can’t believe it.My husband has been laughing at me for the past two days because I can’t stop. If there’s some body who can pick up the phone and listen to me — I have been rambling nonstop.

Maggi Jankowski, Tenafly, NJ

“TFT simplifies things by: 1) reducing fighting down to Cause- or Effect-state and 2) truly coupling the underlying scientific principles to the physical fighting mechanics. If you are truly interested in acquiring real skills, not just another “certificate of completion” this camp is for you. The instructors are well educated, beyond highly trained, ego-free teachers focused solely on your success.

D. Johnson Glendale, AZ

“Excellent. No one else is doing this kind of useful training. It’s a base knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life. The new format of not working from a strike teaches you not to wait and to get close and inside. You will know how to fight after you complete this course.

Matt Peters Dallas, TX

“Cuts through a lot of things you would have to go through in a traditional school (martial arts). This is the most time efficient and realistic approach I’ve ever seen. It’s a must.

Bruce Kelly Chicago, IL

“Intense, fast paced, most hands-on and very practical. Instructors prepared us for the brutal reality of real world criminal violence and how to deal with it mentally and physically. As someone who has a significant physical weakness due to injury and surgery I was still able to do TFT and will be able to use it because it is simple.

Dirk Van Til Traverse City, MI

“It was one of the best experiences of my life. The way Tim and the other trainers present the info it is very easy to understand, even with no prior training. I liked the simplicity of the moves and how affective they are with minimal effort.

Russ Folcka Murrieta, CA

“It’s real, scientific, and it works.

Dennis Burns Indianapolis, IN

“Faster pace was good [as was] working on concrete. Really appreciated detail and high interest level of instructors to make students better. Minimizes the frills. Most direct system ever experienced.

Dan Nattress Cardiff, CA

“Real world self defense. No flying thru the air, no yelling, no meditating. Just straight to the heart principles that anyone can use.

Martin Lingle San Jose, CA

“Practical, no nonsense, save-your-life training.

Bryan Kelly Chicago, IL

“You receive an education in the true dynamic of fighting and the full implications of violence, positive and negative.

Jason Woodard Reno, NV

“I loved it! Tim you have made the art of war a simple and very straightforward task. You answered all of my questions thoroughly in a very easy to understand way. You demonstrated every move no matter how many times it took and explained until I understood. My training at home will never be the same because of you. I will see you next seminar.

Martin Hummings, Educator Decatur, GA

So, taking my queue from mouthpieces like Glenn Beck, I’m a huge fan and strong supporter of Tim Larkin’s work at Target Focus Training.





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